Georgian - 1714 - 1837

Newham Sporting Life Exhibition

The exhibition completed in 2012 celebrating Newham’s sporting history.  This was originally shown at the Mayor’s Newham Show immediately prior to the Olympic and Para-Olympics
View the Newham's Sporting Life exhibition

Newham's Sporting Life

Wanstead Park

The house and gardens at Wanstead became one of the great showplaces of their day, particularly because they were so close to London. In 1724 Daniel Defoe remarked that 'it has become the general diversion of the citizens to go out and see them'. Even today, many thousands of local people enjoy walks around the lakes in the open air.

Wanstead Park


John Wesley, founder of Methodism, preached in a Plaistow 'meeting house' in 1739.

Air Balloons

 BALLOONS OVER NEWHAM. They took off from Stratford and North Woolwich and often landed causing damage to property.

Pelly Arms

The Pelly Family of Upton was connected with West Ham from the late 18th century and had a Coat of Arms.

Pelly Arms

The Burfords, calico and Stratford

On the 8th March 1883, Ephraim Burford died at his home at no.5 Crownfield Place, Stratford, a few days short of his 74th birthday.  His was the last in a line of three generations of that name to be involved in the calico-printing and dyeing industry in east London.   Much of the land and property which made up Burford’s Printing and Dye Works had already been sold in 1866 with the remainder auctioned off in 1880.  Part of this area is still remembered today as Burford Road, where until relatively recently stood The Burford Arms public house.

Newham Notables

Many notable people lived in Newham, here is an ouline of twenty of them.

Poor Relief

The Poor Law was the earliest form of social security for poor relief in England and Wales, dating from late medieval and Tudor times.


An un-interrupted supply of clean water and the efficient removal of sewage are often taken for granted. But where did people in East and West Ham get their water from?



Widmills were once a common local site.

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