North Woolwich

Royal Standard North Woolwich

Public House at 116 Albert Road North Woolwich, on the corner of Pier Road. In the 1874 P.O. Directory (Still open)

Photo Newham Heritage & Archives (Stratford)

Royal Standard North Woolwich

North Woolwich - origins

London government reorganisation in 1965  removed an ancient anomaly - part of Woolwich (Kent) that lay in Essex.

Victoria & Albert Docks

  Ships from all over the world used to berth at the Docks to unload their cargoes - grain, meat and tobacco among them. Here is a glimpse of that era.

"A Walk Through the Victoria and Albert Docks"

Extract from London-over-the-Border Church Fund Grand Historical Bazaar Handbook 1914

By J. G. BROODBANK - Chairman of the Dock and Warehouse Committee of the Port of London Authority.

"During the last ten years there has been a marked revival in this country of the Imperial spirit. The seed was sown in the English nation when the adventurers of the Elizabethan period stepped out into the world to see what was to be seen and to take what could be taken. Fortunately the moderns are not guided by the buccaneering impulses of the 16th century, and without making invidious comparisons we may fairly claim to say that the ideals of the true British imperialist of to-day show a considerable advance on those of his ancestors. Those ideals are varying, but underlying them is a real desire for co-operation in the best interests of everybody in the British Empire.

How can this co-operation best be achieved? Undoubtedly it is greatly assisted by the exchange of neighbourly and pleasant sentiments and acts; but to my mind not the least practical method is that of the exchange of goods, in other words, by the relationships created by trade.

If this point is a good one, then the Victoria and Albert Docks can be reckoned as one of the chief elements in the promotion of the imperial ideal, for there is no place in the whole of the British Empire where so many goods are brought in from the Colonies and overseas possessions, and where so many goods are sent out to those parts of the Empire.

Air Balloons

 BALLOONS OVER NEWHAM. They took off from Stratford and North Woolwich and often landed causing damage to property.

North Woolwich, 1880

 Descriptive account in the Kentish Independent for 5th June 1880  of a trip to North Woolwich and Beckton when much of the (then) new industry, docks and housing was developing.

Custom House & Docks 1936



Free Ferry


Woolwich Ferry at Work - an Impressive Picture of London Life


This photo is of a Cunard line ship in the docks. Its immense size dwarfs the surrounding housing. This view of houses in Saville Road includes Drew School towards the dock wall.


King George V Dock

King George V Dock was the newest of the 'Royal' group, opened in 1921 by the Port of London Authority.

King George V Dock

Railway Ferry - 2

Paddle Steamer Middlesex leaving the jetty at North Woolwich.

Railway Ferry - 2
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