George Medal F J Redman

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George Medal awarded to Frederick John Redman.

As well as medals awarded for service in the First World War, (Images on this web-site) Mr Redman further distinguished himself as a civilian in the Second World War. The George Medal was awarded when he was working at the Gas Light and Coke Company as Chief Valve-man. Redman and several other men were awarded the GM for their courageous action. The following is an extract of the report, as it relates to Redman, which appeared in the Supplement to the London Gazette of 21 March, 1941:-

Mr. Redman was responsible for saving the gas holders by turning off the valves, a long and difficult process.  To do this he worked between blazing sheds and pumping stations with bombs falling all round.  There was the added danger of exploding mains and gas fumes.  Redman displayed great courage and endurance.

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George Medal F J Redman