Jewish People - 2

After the 1939-45 war many Jewish people moved out to Essex and North London with some going to Israel. Numbers declined and synagogues eventually closed.  Only the cemeteries remained.

There are three Jewish cemeteries in Newham:

East Ham (shown here), Marlow Road E6, opened in 1919 and is the only cemetery still open. Entered from Sandford Road and bounded by Lonsdale Avenue, Brampton Park and Masterman Road it is set in a sea of houses.

West Ham Buckingham Road Forest Lane E15 1858-1965.  This is built next door to the public West Ham Cemetery and has 40,000 graves dating from the 19th century. 87 graves/headstones were desecrated with graffiti and swastikas in a racist, anti-Semitic attack in 2005. It is now an enclave with barbed-wire topped high walls sealing from road and main cemetery.  

Plashet 361 High Street North Manor Park E12 from 1896. Now (2010) closed and shuttered with talk of re-development.

(Text by Colin Marchant for his Faith Flows in Newham Project, 2010; image by Matthew Crisp)



Jewish People - 2