Stratford Railway Works - Traction Maintenance Depot

Stratford Works was "home" to 466 drivers and 227 driver- assistants who operated passenger and freight services throughout the south east of England.

The Traction Maintenance Depot (TMD) and Repair Shops were constructed on the site of the old Stratford Works; the repair shops and administrative offices being the only large buildings remaining from that time. The modern depot was constructed progressively about 1960.

The TMD comprised:-

'A' Maintenance Shed and Fuel Point were located at the east end of the depot and all locos on arrival passed the fuel point, consuming 15,000 gallons of fuel a day. This shed was the first of the new depot buildings and was used to maintain the fleet of diesel multiple units.

'B' and 'C' Maintenance Sheds had four raised lines each able to hold two main line locos each with inspection pits and raised platforms for easy access. 'B' shed looked after small running repairs and examinations and all work on shunting locos. 'C' shed was equipped to carry out heavier repairs and larger examinations on main line engines only.  Maintenance planning was done using the T.O.P.S. computer terminal in the Supervisor's office.

The Traction Repair Shop carried out heavy repairs on locos, coaches and international ferry vehicles. This shed also housed two 40-ton overhead cranes and a wheel lathe for re-profiling wheel sets, a stores and small machine shop.

The Depot also stabled a Breakdown Train comprising three vehicles carrying all the equipment necessary for re-railing duties; a 76-tonne diesel crane; a riding van for staff, with cooking, washing and toilet facilities.

Text from the souvenir brochure for the TMD Open Day held on Saturday 11th July, 1981, published by BR.