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Newham memories and nostalgia / Re: New Year
« Last post by Tony Quinlan on Today at 07:01:29 PM »
New Members / 1 dead in attack on mexico governor's convoy
« Last post by xinfuwem on Today at 04:03:24 PM »
1 dead in attack on mexico governor's convoy

In the future we see large advertisers gaining market share as small advertisers fall away.Through the integration of Charm Advertising, Charm Interactive and Shangxing Media and through the outdoor advertising buying platforms provided by our Aegis joint venture, we can provide one stop media solutions for our clients. Our development strategy is geared towards anticipating the increasing sophistication of the media as well as client's requirements.

Ronaldo first goal came on a deep run out of the midfield, something that Sweden didn seem to know how to deal with all day. Joo Moutinhohit him on a seeing eye, perfectly weighted through ball that traveled through the heart of Sweden defense. From there, Ronaldo took two touches to set the ball up on his left foot and finished across keeper Andreas Isakssonin the low right corner. It was clinical.

Cole: No. Ten or 11 of France's national team players are on Lyon [FCF Olympique Lyonnais], so that team is almost a residency and a lot of those players are training and playing together year round. They're always good technical players. They've lacked a little of mentality, being tough enough, fit enough, and I think by having a constant training environment that's helped their group. They've always been technically and tactically talented, but physically not always matched up with the other group teams.

He gets two months gap and he plays in IPL. And then immediately after IPL, he goes and plays in English county. And then he gets 2 3 months. His body will also recoup. He is no longer 25 or 26 years. He is 34. The rest in between these leagues will also give him time to take care of his body, Sekar said.

The Premier League is expected to adopt one of the systems which can cost up to $250,000 per stadium to install during next season. Major League Soccer has also expressed interest. District Court in New Orleans. It claims Goodell violated the league's labor agreement by showing he had predetermined the guilt of players punished in the bounty probe before serving as the arbitrator for their June 18 appeal.

One of the nightly specials all were sandwiches, including a Reuben was a Garden Burger ($11.95 ). Really good vegetarian burgers are hard to find because lots can go wrong when making them, both texturally and flavor wise. This one was especially good on all counts. First, it was generously proportioned, a good six inches in diameter and an inch thick. Second, it had textural integrity and didn't try to fall apart, which too many vegetable mash ups do. Third, it was laced with herbs and condiments that gave it a swift flavor kick. Fourth, it came with alfalfa sprouts, a big slice of fresh tomato, and a half an avocado's worth of oh so healthy, creamy smooth avocado flesh. And fifth, the bun was a big, sesame seeded hamburger bun to hold all this goodness. All it needed to make the finished burger was a shake of black pepper and a squirt of ketchup, and the thing was big enough to be a whole meal. The only ding was the limp French fries that came with the sandwich.
Historical Newham / 2 arrested in terrorism bust
« Last post by xinfuwem on Today at 04:02:31 PM »
2 arrested in terrorism bust

The total amount consumed isn't the only area of the energy sector set to experience changes in the coming decades. ExxonMobil also says "investments and new technologies, applied over many years and across multiple regions, will enable energy supplies to grow and diversify." While oil will remain the world's top energy source, natural gas will be the fastest growing major energy source, with combined global demand rising about 60 percent from 2010 to 2040.

Home Talent League: Argyle's Justin Crotty throws a seven inning perfect game against OregonPatrick Durkin: Ash trees need not be scrapped merely for mulchJerry Davis: Wisconsin taxidermist glad he pursued his passionWIAC football: UW Whitewater releases 2014 football scheduleOutdoors calendarFirst it was the tea colored water that was unfit to drink or apply to the body. Then it was the unfinished hotels, which came with broken doorknobs, lights and other necessary items.And then there were the numerous stray dogs that have been killed in order to enhance Sochi as a year round resort on the coast of the Black Sea.Russia's president Vladimir Putin put the entire country's economy on pause for 17 days. NFL jerseys cheap

Started in, American Outlaws' soccer fan empire is 18,000 strongVideo: Ben Folds' song about Review: Stewart, Santana headline jam packed night in Book refers to 'the travesty of the Caril Fugate trial'Review: Ben Folds proves he's a true entertainer in Pinewood showJeff Korbelik: Producer Bochco back with TNT cop serial'SNL' alum to appear at comedy festivalVal's returns to its roots at new locationWhat's the Connection Between Worker Safety, Employer Profit, and Voting?Transitional 'Light' Duty Jobs: What Are They and Do Wholesale coach handbags I Have to Take One?If you're living with pain, please call today. Follow Ray's Tattoo on Facebook if you're looking for a tattoo in the future around!Leifert Construction gets the job done quickly in and around, Nebraska!Need an Auto Locksmith? Call A Lockouts and Roadside Service at .24 Hour GAMBLING help line Call Choices today!Call for our commercial cleaning services! They will clean your office daily, weekly bi monthly or monthly! When you need us we are there! Details Cleaning LLC Christi Jo Nichols, 22 when she was reported missing,at a bar. A day earlier, she had visited a Cozad

The pedal body body itself is investment cast from chromoly steel for the strength needed to withstand the unique design demands. In essence, the entire pedal is one big lever that looks like it's just begging to be snapped off at the "ZEROaxle." Tioga says the pedal meets the JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) test, and because it is rated XC to All Mountain, it's hard to tell if it will pass the much tougher WIS test (Whistler Indestructible Standard).

In this video, we learn how Canadian citizens can get visas to Brazil. You must obtain an entry Visa before you can travel into Brazil. Without this, you will be denied entry at the Brazilian border. To get this, you need to have the correct forms and information filled out and submitted to receive your visa. There are different types of visas you need, make sure you choose the one that is correct for you. After this, you will need to figure out how long the processing time is and what the fees are going to be, so you can plan your trip. Make sure you book your travel and have the dates.
Wartime stories / 3 FIRs filed against Unitech for delay in delivering project
« Last post by xinfuwem on Today at 04:00:45 PM »
3 FIRs filed against Unitech for delay in delivering project

Three first information reports have been registered against Unitech Limited, a leading real estate developer, following separate complaints for prolonged delay in completion of its residential project in Sector 33 here.

The project, The Residences with 1,320 flats, was launched in May 2009 and the developer was to give possession of the flats by the end of 2011. However, the flat holders who have paid more than 90 per cent of the cost are yet to get possession.

Manish Kumar, Vinod Baxla and Shipra Chabbra filed separate FIRs at the Gurgaon Sadar police station late on Tuesday evening alleging that Unitech had collected over Rs.548 crore from the flat holders and diverted the fund to its commercial project, which was up and running in Sector 48. They have implicated the promoters of the company and the top management of the Unitech under Sections 420/406/409//120B of the Indian Penal Code with the Economic Offences Wing.

Gurgaon Police Commissioner Navdeep Virk has appointed an investigation officer and investigations are likely to begin soon. Mr. Virk has also directed Unitech promoters and officials to hold a meeting with the flat holders immediately to address their concern.

Besides the inordinate delay, Unitech Limited has also been accused of using poor quality construction material. Mr. Kumar, in his complaint, has accused the company of using sub standard quality materials and for not sharing the quality test certificates despite complaints with the company several times. is also a matter of record that the company has been regularly announcing its new projects from time to time and by adopting the same modus operandi has been cheating numerous families. It is also submitted that as per the audited accounts of the company published in the public domain, it has a sound financial health, reads the FIRs by Mr. Kumar.
Looking for a lost friend or relative / Will World Cup redeem people's faith in football
« Last post by xinfuwem on Today at 03:58:42 PM »
Will World Cup redeem people's faith in football

Join the World Cup conversation at CNN Facebook Pulse

(CNN) In Brazil, they use the expression "futbol arte" to describe the type of soccer which made the country's world champion team of 1970 so easy on the eye.

And, after a year of violent protests, rubber bullets and tear gas, the romantic ideal of Brazil often portrayed in glossy travel magazines seems hard to imagine.

Thursday marks the start of an opportunity for Brazil to redefine itself after a difficult 12 months preparing for arguably the world's largest and most popular event.

So no pressure, then, on Brazil's footballers, who take on Croatia in the tournament's opening game in Sao Paulo, the recent epicenter of the unrest.

Will the host team's expected progress, led by current hero Neymar, help ease the sense of injustice which has ingrained itself within the population?

As if that wasn't a great enough weight on the shoulders of coach Luiz Felipe Scolari's team, there is the added pressure of Brazil's quest to exorcise the ghosts of 1950 which will begin 64 years after what is known as the country's "Hiroshima."

When Uruguay defeated Brazil in the deciding match courtesy of Alcides Ghiggia's strike, it left an indelible mark on a country whose first love has always been football.

And yet, after more than six decades of waiting for the tournament to return to their home country, the Brazilian people are otherwise engaged.

Whereas football may still be a religion, its Brazilian congregation have slowly turned their backs on their deity.

"This World Cup is not for the Brazilians," 59 year old street vendor Maria Elza de Fatima told CNN.

"It is for the foreigners and FIFA friends."

While thousands of tourists flock to Brazil and media pack the streets to broadcast the action across the world, Sao Paulo has been brought to a standstill by metro workers striking over wages the latest in a series of protests against the government.

An estimated $11 billion of public money has been spent on hosting the tournament much to the chagrin of the protesters, who argue that money might have been better spent on public services.

"I think the best moment to protest is at the end of the World Cup," says two time World Cup winner Cafu, Brazil's most capped footballer, who was speaking to CNN to promote the Castrol Footkhana skills challenge.

"This will be the moment we can show ourselves that we can fight for our rights better education, better healthcare, better culture, better transportation," he told CNN.

"This is the moment we can show the world we are capable of staging a well organized World Cup. We will show we are a democratic country and (later) fight for our rights."

Once the football starts, nobody will be more relieved than FIFA and its under fire president, Sepp Blatter.

The 78 year old, who has held the position since 1998, was told Tuesday that he should not stand for a fifth four year term by some of the organization's key European members within UEFA.

However, at Wednesday's FIFA Congress in Sao Paulo, he told delegates "my mission is not finished. I am ready to accompany you in the future."

Just a fortnight after allegations of corruption during the 2022 World Cup vote was reported by Britain's Sunday Times, Blatter has been forced to endure one of the most difficult periods of his tenure.

The newspaper claims to have unearthed millions of emails and other documentation which allege Qatar's former FIFA Executive Committee member Mohamed Bin Hammam used a multimillion dollar slush fund to buy support for the bid. lawyer Michael Garcia, who has been appointed by FIFA to lead an investigation into the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, awarded to Russia and Qatar.

But president of the Dutch Football Association Michael Van Praag believes enough is enough.

"I then said at the microphone: 'I like you a lot, there is nothing personal here, but the reputation of FIFA is today inextricably linked to corruption," recounted Praag of what transpired at Tuesday's UEFA meeting.
Famous Faces and Local Characters / 4 things to expect from
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4 things to expect from

"Basketball Wives" season 5 is set to premiere on Monday, August 19 and whether you hate them or love them, it's time to catch up with the ladies

Judging by the brief hiatus, most of us thought that we had heard the last of the "Basketball Wives" but low and behold they are back and a bit different.

In season four we left off with Jen Williams and Evelyn Lozada as enemies (they would try to mend their friendship with a hug on the reunion special), Tami Roman coming off as a bully after strong arming Kesha Nichols, and Shaunie O'Neil questioning if she wanted to continue her affiliation with the likes of the show due to the negative reputation it was building.

Well things are a bit different this time around and we've got the details. Check out what you can expect from season 5 of "Basketball Wives."

Royce, Jennifer, and Kesha are gone

That's right. Based on the promotional materials that have been released for the new season, Jen and Royce seem to be missing. There were rumors about them deciding not to return to the show but nothing was really set in stone. It was said that Shaunie wanted to push the show in a more positive direction and would be letting some people go. These three weren't any of the people we thought would get their walking papers since technically they aren't the drama queens of the show. A bit of a surprise but an instant indication of what we can expect this season.

Stephon Marbury's wife joins cast

Her name is Tasha Marbury and she's up to the task of joining a cast of ladies she clearly knows are drama llamas. The wife of NBA player Stephon Marbury is hoping that the show will help her to step out of the shadow of her husband. What do we know so far about Tasha? According to reports, she and Stephon may be broken up because of his infidelities, which is probably something she will go into detail about when the season premieres. Also, one report suggests that she is currently enthralled in a legal battle with a woman who allegedly harassed her and Stephon via the internet. According to the woman, who goes by the name Monet Merchand, Cheap jerseys wholesale she has slept with Stephon. Monet also claims that Tasha has threatened her (Monet) and her friends with "bodily harm." Tasha sounds like she will be able to hold her own with this group of women.

Evelyn will open up more about Chad

We've all heard about the much talked about fallout between Evelyn Lozada and her then husband Chad "Ochocino" Johnson, which landed the reality star on the cover of newspapers and blogs. She was reportedly head butted by Chad during an argument which lead to a divorce just two months after saying "I do." We've heard her open up about the personal situation as well as other things in her past on "Iyanla Vanzant's: Fix My Life" and judging by the show's trailer, she will speak even more in detail about what happened that night between her and Chad.

It looks like mother hen Shaunie O'Neil will be facing off with Tami Roman. Shaunie has managed to be "neutral" in a lot of the past dramas on the show and the ladies do seem to respect her. But it seems things will get a little sour between her and Tami this season. Not totally surprising, Tami has managed to feud with everyone else on the show so this was bound to happen. Although it isn't clear what the fight will be over, these two will have a war of words.

The fifth season of VH1's Basketball Wives is set to premiere on Monday, August 19 at 8pm EST. In addition to writing for the web, Samantha assists small business owners with blogging for their business.

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Newham memories and nostalgia / 5m great white monster drowns in net off Waiheke Is
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5m great white monster drowns in net off Waiheke Is

By ANNE BESTONThe 5.5m, pregnant great white drowned in a net set by Tararu fisherman Dwayne Havord in the Firth of Thames, about 2km off the eastern end of Waiheke Island.Colleague Daniel Scott, of Thames, towed the dead shark to shore using a 5.1m aluminium boat.The men discovered the shark was carrying five 1.8m long pups and saved two of them by holding them in the water until they swam away."We thought she was a killer whale at first," Mr Scott said. "I've never seen a great white that big before."The shark was a rare catch, said Department of Conservation marine ecologist Clint Duffy, with just one documented case of a pregnant great white caught in New Zealand waters and only about 10 in scientific literature worldwide."I would have loved to have seen it but the fishermen did everything right.I think they felt pretty sad about it," he said.Mr Duffy receives about 10 reports of great white sharks around New Zealand each year but he said swimmers could take comfort from the fact that this one was in the inner Hauraki Gulf breeding, not feeding."If they are going into pup they stop feeding, and they tend not to hang around the nursery area because they might eat the pups."While the great white lurks in the imagination of most swimmers at some time or another, the star of the 1970s movie Jaws was thought to attack humans by mistake, said National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research marine biologist Dr Malcolm Francis."They usually bite and spit you out because you don't taste as nice as a seal although admittedly if it happens it can be disastrous."He said no one knew how many great whites, or white pointers, there were around the New Zealand coast.The biggest was reliably Cheap authentic jerseys measured at about 7m but they commonly reach 4 5m. The female is bigger than the male.They are a super predator, with up to 3000 razor sharp teeth, a well honed sense of smell and the ability to pick up electric currents to lead them to prey.
Historical Newham / Star 2007 Celebration in Las Vegas Proves Overwhelming Success
« Last post by ynahudhu on Today at 03:52:01 PM »
Star 2007 Celebration in Las Vegas Proves Overwhelming Success

and domestic media coverage, appearances by current players and NBA legends, and NBA Cares community based events. These visitors generated an estimated $90.6 million in non gaming economic impact. Led by NBA All Star coverage, TNT posted its first prime time victory of the season, knocking USA Network out of the top spot for the first time this year.

TNT's coverage of the NBA All Star Game delivered more than 6.8 million viewers and ranks as ad supported cable's No. 1 program for the year to date.

NBA All Star Saturday Night presented by EA SPORTS was the most watched in the event's 22 year history on TNT, delivering 3.46 million households.

All Star programming on TNT throughout the weekend reached a total of 34.5 million unduplicated viewers. Fans accessed a record 6.5 million video clips through NBA TV Broadband on, besting the 5.3 million accessed during All Star 2006 in Houston by nearly 25 percent.

A record of more than 175,000 hours of video was watched on, eclipsing the previous record of 130,000 hours during All Star 2006 by 35 percent.

Set the all time record for All Star weekly traffic with 25 million visits.

Set an all time, single day record for video traffic on Sunday, Feb. 18 with 2.5 million videos accessed, eclipsing the previous record of 1.9 million set during All Star 2006 (Monday, Feb. 20) by 30 percent. An all time high of over 2,000 media covered All Star events, including 329 international reporters from 32 countries. Sales of All Star merchandise eclipsed the previous record by 54 percent set in 2004 in Los Angeles.

NBA All Star Jam Session Presented by adidas

A record of 136,311 fans visited the league's ultimate interactive basketball experience at Mandalay Bay Convention Center, eclipsing the previous record of 126,218 fans who visited during All Star 2004 in Los Angeles.

Nearly 200,000 items were given away or won by fans that attended Jam Session. A record 30 partners conducted grassroots promotions, hosted events, and launched new products and advertising this year, the most partnership activation in NBA All Star history.

A record 22 NBA partners participated at Jam Session including adidas' Believe in 5ive Court; the Toyota Zone, which launched a community relations program with Chris Paul; and T Mobile's "Get Inside the Mind of Dwyane Wade" fan exhibit that included an interactive two story display.

NBA Cares

Conducted a record 20 community based events over seven days during All Star week, which included the building of two homes through Habitat for Humanity and a Learn Play Center at Mabel Hoggard Elementary School.
Historical Newham / The crash of the markets
« Last post by ynahudhu on Today at 03:51:24 PM »
The crash of the markets

Market regulators and even governments have very few options when financial markets go into the kind of panic driven free fall as witnessed on Monday. The shock waves triggered by an over 9 per cent fall in Chinese stocks hit capital and currency markets worldwide. dollar, its lowest level since 2013. The immediate task for the market regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India, will be to put in place measures to ensure that there are no major settlement defaults, which can trigger a systemic collapse. Other than that there is little it can, or indeed should do, to prevent the current re rating of asset prices in the market running its course. On the currency front, Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan has given out the assurance that the central bank has sufficient foreign currency reserves around $380 billion to dampen any major volatility of the rupee. However, it can only flatten the trajectory of any fall, not reverse it. Besides, it needs to keep the powder dry to tackle any further devaluation of the yuan, which China might be forced to do if growth continues to be slow. After all, Monday global sell off was prompted by poor industrial output numbers, only confirming the fears Cheap authentic jerseys of global investors that China slowdown was proving less manageable than it had let on.

For India, Cheap authentic mlb jerseys the Chinese collapse might actually provide an opportunity. As Dr. Rajan has pointed out, India has a low current account deficit (CAD), the fiscal deficit is manageable, inflation is moderating and short term foreign currency liabilities are low. Despite a downward revision by global rating agencies in the growth forecast, growth is still fairly robust compared to other major economies. The fall of the rupee has been largely offset by a slump in crude prices, which should further ease pressure on the CAD. A cheaper rupee will also help revive exports. Progress on key reform measures such as the GST and Land Bills, and a step up in infrastructure spending, could boost industry. A strategically timed interest rate cut can help revive consumer and investor sentiment. For that to happen, the Centre needs to demonstrate greater political skills in pushing its reforms agenda, and speedier reflexes than it has shown so far. A case in point is the delayed PSU disinvestment programme. Monday offer for sale of 10 per cent of shares in Indian Oil Corporation barely scraped through amidst the bloodbath. Future asset sales will have to be in a markedly more bearish market, leading to lower realisations.
Tracing your family history / The Planet Partners with HostGator
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The Planet Partners with HostGator

Through the terms of the agreement, HostGator will lease more than 1,700 additional servers in The Planet Houston and Dallas data centers, essentially doubling its server portfolio. Approximately one third of the new servers will be provisioned and ready to use this week.the past five years, HostGator has continued a steady growth trajectory with The Planet as our hosting provider, says HostGator president and founder Brent Oxley. with three servers and now with many more have relied on The Planet for its reliability, scalability, bandwidth and service, which we believe is the best in the business. We have built our business based on service and one on one relationships with our customers, which is the hallmark of our success. The Planet provides on demand IT infrastructure solutions, hosting more than 22,000 small and medium sized businesses and 2.8 million Web sites worldwide.
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