Stratford Underground Train Crash 1953

On the evening of 8 April, 1953, signal failures led to delays on the Central line, with drivers again following 'stop and proceed' rules. However, a train heading eastbound towards Epping ploughed into the back of a stationary train waiting in the tunnel between Stratford and Leyton just before 7pm, leaving twelve passengers dead and many wounded.

The driver was hurt but survived and was later charged with having ignored the 'stop and proceed' rules by a Public Inquiry.

 It was the 6.55 Epping train which run into the back of a Hainaught bound train.

Seem the driver passed a signal at Red, and because the tunnel curves round he did not see the other train which was standing still until it was too late.

There are various reports on the incident which states 12 killed, but the British Pathe News states 8 adults and one child.

Amongst the 42 who were injured was the driver of the Epping Train who had to have his leg Amputated

Stratford Underground Train Crash 1953

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