Victorian - 1837 - 1901

Angel Lane Nos 39,41, 43

This faded brown and white photograph dates from the late 1890s Small Lock-up shops and costermongers barrows seen here in the late 1890s. The terrace was rebuilt in March 1913.

Angel Lane Nos 39,41, 43

North Woolwich Gardens


West Ham Technical Institute & Library Opening.

Opening of West Ham's Technical Institute and Library by John Passmore Edwards in 1898.

Free Ferry


Woolwich Ferry at Work - an Impressive Picture of London Life

Baptist Mission

West Ham Central Mission, seen here shortly after opening in 1922. Designed by W. Hayne, it is of red brick and stone in an elaborate Byzantine style with two domed towers.

Baptist Mission

Jabez Legg

 A Forgotten Local Worthy.


In December 1896 Stratford Congregational Church in The Grove arranged a "bazaar" to raise £600 in aid of the renovation of the church and school building. 



East Ham, Plashet Park and Upton Park were quite different places in the 1880s. These memories are taken from a tape recorded by Mr Patterson in 1972, when he was aged 91.


In 1890 a fire caused great loss of life at the Forest Gate Industrial School in Forest Lane. This is from a newspaper report of the disaster.

Salvation Army -2

Soon after the Salvation Army, originally 'The Christian Mission to the Heathen of our own Country' began in nearby Whitechapel under General William Booth in 1865 the bands and uniforms were seen and heard in Stratford. The military-style organisation, public presence, women and men in leadership, flags flying, 'in your face' evangelism, direct preaching, open-air singing, concern for the 'down and outs' disturbed the streets and shocked the church-goers.

100 years ago the Stratford Express made comments over 20 years about the initial shock, the expansion and then the welcome acceptance of their work:

 'Various parts of Essex have been incommoded during 1880 by the operations of the Salvation Army, a religious body whose proceedings are marked more by enthusiasm than prudence'   1.1.1881

 'Canning Town was taken by storm on Tuesday when the Salvation Army flooded the district with its battalions, and drowned the noise of traffic with its drums. Brigadiers, Colonels, Captains and Privates were everywhere. The main street had a fringe of red--banded peak-caps and coal scuttle bonnets; the great public hall was crowded with zealous, strong-lunged warriors were every where' 19.1.1901

 'if the Salvation Army could help to save the Borough from Sabbath-breaking, wife-beating, drunkenness and other evils, what a great work they are doing'   15.3.1902

Across Newham bands marched, the magazine War Cry was distributed in pubs, halls were hired, open-air services spread, uniforms were seen in the streets and the work expanded   By 1901 the Stratford Corps in Angel Lane, established in 1883, had nearly 1000 soldiers.

Salvation Army -2
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